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JDC School Staff
Contact Kim Coffey  Kim Coffey (505) 468-7168 Educational Assistant / Webmaster
Contact Mario Encinias  Mario Encinias Teacher
Contact Julie Gallegos  Julie Gallegos Teacher
Contact Kristina Gonzales  Kristina Gonzales Teacher
Contact Julie Mendoza  Julie Mendoza Teacher
Contact Kristin Montes  Kristin Montes Teacher
Contact Karen Wilkirson  Karen Wilkirson Teacher/System Admin

Juvenile Detention Center

Mission Statement

The JDC School Staff, as advocates for children, provide a safe and healthy environment where students have the opportunity for education, personal growth, and development of life skills thus building positive bridges to the community.

Programs & Structure

Principal: Meghan Miller

About the School:

  • A Title I School
  • Services General and Special Education students
  • Technology coursework
  • Reading Lab
  • HiSET preparatory classes
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • GradPoint computer generated coursework
  • Attendance and academic grades can be transferred upon a students’ release to their next educational setting

School Schedule

Title I Information