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JDC School Staff
  Kim Coffey (505) 468-7168 Educational Assistant / Webmaster
  Mario Encinias Teacher
  Julie Gallegos Teacher
  Kristina Gonzales Teacher
  Julie Mendoza Teacher

Juvenile Detention Center

Mission Statement

The JDC School Staff, as advocates for children, provide a safe and healthy environment where students have the opportunity for education, personal growth, and development of life skills thus building positive bridges to the community.

Programs & Structure

Principal: Meghan Miller

About the School:

  • A Title I School
  • Services General and Special Education students
  • Technology coursework
  • Reading Lab
  • HiSET preparatory classes
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • GradPoint computer generated coursework
  • Attendance and academic grades can be transferred upon a students’ release to their next educational setting

School Schedule

Title I Information